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Refrigerator Parts

Refrigerators require spare parts.  Parts that are most often purchased include handles, drawers, light bulbs, water filters, compressors, door seals, and thermostats.

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What are the key components of a Refrigerator?

Compressor - The compressor compresses the refrigerant in order to keep the food cool inside the refrigerator.

Thermostat - The thermostat allows the desired temperature of the refrigerator to be set by the user.  Once the desired temperature has been reached, the thermostat sends a signal to the refrigerator cooling system to turn off the system.  As the temperature rises the thermostat will then send a signal to turn on the cooling system. 

Defrost Timer - The timer determines the interval of time between automatic cycling which prevents modern "frost free" refrigerators from creating a layer of ice in the freezer section.

Doors - The doors of the refrigerator are important because they allow access to the food inside.  The doors use seals to keep the interior cooler than the outside.

Handles - The handles are used to open the doors of the refrigerator.

Cooling Fan - The cooling system fan is used to cool the compressor.

Hinges - The doors of the refrigerator are able to swing open and closed using hinges.  As the doors can be used many times a day these items often need to be replaced.  On most refrigerators with top refrigerator or top freezer, the hinges can be moved to allow the doors to hinge open from either side of the refrigerator.

Refrigerant - The refrigerant is the substance used to transfer heat by the refrigerator using a process called the refrigeration cycle.

Shelves - The shelves support the food stored inside the refrigerator to make it easy to locate the items inside the fridge.

Door Switch - The door switch is used to tell the refrigerator that the door is open.  the most basic function of this switch is to control the refrigerator light circuit to ensure that the light is on when the door switch indicates that the refrigerator door is open.

Ice Maker - Higher end refrigerators are often equiped with an automatic ice maker.

Light Bulbs - Most full size refrigerators incorporate a light to make it easy to see inside the refrigerator. 

Water Filters - higher end refrigerators dispense water and ice.  In order to ensure that the water and ice cubes taste good, a replaceable water filter is often used.

Door Seals - Door Seals provide a flexible seal which produces an airtight seal to keep the refrigerator sealed from the outside.  

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